Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage is also known as Thai Massage, Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Bodywork. It is a combination of:

Thai massage is a 2,500 year old system based on Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist philosophy. It is based on the belief that there is a life force energy (Chi or Prana) that exists in the body circulating through ten main lines.These are related to the Meridians in Chinese and Ayurvedic medical systems.


The massage is applied through the therapist's use of hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to the energy lines and important points along those lines. By working on the body's main energy pathways, the free flow of prana is restored by releasing blockages. This brings about a state of relaxation, detoxification and general wellbeing. Thai Yoga Massage goes deeper than the top layer of the muscle, releasing deep muscle tension, and working on joint mobility, as well as nerve and ligament rebalancing.

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Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

♦  Increased personal energy
♦  Greater flexibility in the joints
♦  Improved body alignment
♦  Better posture
♦  Enhanced blood circulation
♦  Elimination of toxins
♦  Improved quality of sleep

In Thailand this massage is currently recognised to be superior to Western medicine in treating many diseases and conditions such as: insomnia, headache, depression, tension, back pain, muscle pain and often chronic pain.


♦  Heart problems
♦  High & low blood pressure
♦  Infectious/contagious skin conditions and diseases
♦  Recent major injuries (like broken bones, fractures, strains and sprains)
♦  Bruising, inflammation, open wounds, cuts, blisters, sunburn, scar tissue, oedema 
♦  Under influence of alcohol and/or drugs (at least 12h before and after the treatment) 
♦  Cold or flu (with or without fever)
♦  Extreme weakness/exhaustion
♦  Major or minor surgery within the last 18 months.
♦  Pregnancy (from 0 - 3 months)
♦  Varicose veins

Thai Massage for Pregnancy

Thai massage is one of the few massage therapies which is safe to do in pregnancy. The whole massage is takes place with the client lying in a side position, which makes it extremely comfortable for the mother-to-be.

Prices for Home Visits:

£55 for 1 hour
£75 for 1 hour 30 mins
£90 for 2 hours

Massage in Therapy Rooms:

-Available in Euston, Victoria, Notting Hill and West Hampstead-


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