“Yoga is one of the most ancient and powerful forms of healing available to us today.” (Danny Paradise)

Yoga is also a science of Self-realization. It is a very ancient practice which originated in India around 5,000 BC, although its roots can be traced to a much earlier period. Its purpose is to remove suffering, which can take place on a physical, mental or spiritual level.

Private Yoga Tuition
“In Yoga, the purpose is to bring some change, and the teacher is
the reference point” (T.K.V. Desikachar).
The styles of yoga that I teach are Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga.
I will adjust the class depending on your ability and specific needs.

Advantages of Private Yoga Lessons:
♦ More individual attention
♦ Choose a time which is convenient to you
♦ Practice in your own home
♦ Time saved that may have otherwise been wasted travelling to the yoga studio

£55 for 1 hour
£75 for 1 hour 30 mins


♦ Book 4 sessions and recieve 1 FREE!

♦ Email me and recieve a FREE Trial Class!

Corporate Yoga
Yoga in the office is another great way to enjoy yoga.
If you and your colleagues have some free time before or
after lunch and a room with enough space for yoga, then you
are good to go!

Benefits of Corporate Yoga
♦ Decreased Stress Levels
♦ Improved Concentration
♦ Better Quality of Sleep
♦ Reduced Back & Muscle Pain
♦ Increased Energy Levels
♦ Hence, promotes productivity in the workplace
♦ Possibility of improved working relations in the office

6 weeks course: £40 (6-20 people)
or £7.50 per person per (drop-in) class
(***Saving of £4.50 per class***)


Yoga Therapy

Available for the following:

♦ Back Pain
♦ IT Professionals
♦ Runners
♦ Stress